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Climate Standard is a start-up and an independent verification body committed to building trust in Climate Neutrality.
We developed a methodology to verify and certify climate-neutral companies, products and events in hours employing the international standard PAS2060 as its foundation integrated with an in-house proprietary scheme. At the end of the verification, Climate Standard releases an eco-label valid for 1-year.

Our methodology complies with the EU Green Claim Directive to combat self-declarations and greenwashing.
The verification is easier and faster thanks to a proprietary platform, proprietary algorithms, and machine learning techniques.

To keep the methodology impactful, Climate Standard is supported by a free and independent scientific committee of professionals, experts and academics.

Additionally, Climate Standard serves as a verification body for global standards about the carbon footprint of both products and companies. Noteworthy standards in this realm encompass GHG Protocol, ISO 14064, and ISO 14067.

As all the independent verification bodies should do, Climate Standard does not perform emission calculation services, reporting, carbon credit sales or other types of consulting that could create conflicts during certification.

The semi-automated climate data validation process does not allow any data falsification or discrimination among applicants.

In the case of Product conformity, only the status of a single product line is verified.

In the case of Brand conformity, the entire activity of the Brand can be considered Climate Neutral. In this case, the organization has the right to show the certification on all its products.

In both cases, the final Green Claim is retroactive, which means that it declares the achievement of the status for the previous year and is valid for 1 year from the date of verification.

The organization must:

1) have an annual carbon footprint, product or corporate as chosen, from the year prior to applying for certification,

2) have offset 100% of these emissions with valid carbon credits (validity depends on meeting Climate Standard requirements),

3) sign up to smart targets for future emission reductions.

If you do not meet these requirements but would like to obtain the label, or if you would like more information, the Climate Standard team is at your disposal.

Absolutely! Verifying Climate Neutrality is the only way to avoid Greenwashing associated with claims without independent verification.

For your consumers, it’s about transparency and reputation. Plus, our labels are a point of differentiation of your product from competitors and influences consumers in their everyday choices.

You have two options:

1) if you do not yet have the requirements, we can help you figure out how to get them and, if needed, point you to the best consultants in your area to support you in carrying out the application,

2) if you already have all the requirements, you can contact us or use the private area to proceed with the submission of the documentation yourself in complete autonomy by following the steps indicated just inside the private area.

Let's certify Climate Neutral

products and brands

Climate neutrality certifications you need to communicate without risk of greenwashing or self-declarations

Prove your commitment to your consumers
An independent standard that ensures the transparency of your actions
Businesses grow up to 15% more
A versatile label for products, packaging or information material

Our Climate Neutrality certifications are two Voluntary Certification Schemes applicable to any industry.

Climate Neutrality labels are key elements to emphasize your transparency in front of customers and other stakeholders

2 high recognizable labels, same goal

are you a brand?

The reasons why you should lead the change

Start showing your commitment now

1. Calculate

The annual estimation of direct and indirect emissions of a product or brand in its entirety

2. Offset

The annual purchase of high-quality carbon credits from certified projects

3. Reduce

An estimate of future emissions reductions, a real promise for your consumers

4. Get certified

The Climate Standard validation process that certifies your climate neutral status


Climate Standard is guided by a mission: to create a net-zero product/service market for social and environmental benefit

Through our portal we only need 48 hours to give you confirmation that you can use our labels

A simple, self-explanatory and effective label for certified climate-neutral companies, products and services

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Can you imagine a
Climate Neutral Market?

We do! and we’re here to introduce you to it

We are building a system to make the certification process even faster, in the meantime if you want to use the label for yourself or your clients, contact us!

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