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Building trust verifying your claims

Why verify your climate claims?

With the new EU CSRD and Green Claim Directive, your climate declarations must be 3rd party verified and certified.

Certify your company, product or event to contribute to a sustainable future

Carbon Footprint

Join the movement towards a greener economy by showing your verified company / product /event emissions

Carbon Neutrality

Show your climate-neutral strategy based on carbon footprint, high-quality offset and reduction plan

Net-zero Strategy

Demonstrate a clear net-zero vision by building a trustable, achievable and verified emission reduction strategy


Explore our certification services and take action towards a greener future

Believe in those who have already chosen us

Trusted by leading companies
Climate Standard has developed an innovative verification frameworks to empower your climate actions
Climate Standard’s rigorous and transparent approach has already received several awards, and many companies already trust us.

We are proud of our Education Campaign, if you need help to browse all these new green rules and standards, take a look at our Carbon Management Course!


Climate Standard is a start-up and an independent verification body committed to building trust in Companies Climate Actions.

Climate Standard serves as a verification body for global standards about Carbon Neutrality, Net Zero Strategy and Carbon Footprint. Noteworthy standards in this realm encompass ISO 14068, STBi, GHG Protocol, ISO 14064, and ISO 14067.

Our methodology complies with the EU Green Claim Directive to combat self-declarations and greenwashing.

To keep the methodology impactful, Climate Standard is supported by a free and independent scientific committee of professionals, experts and academics.

“Climate Neutrality” refers to achieving a balance between the amount of greenhouse gases produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere and, at the simultaneous implementation of a reduction strategy.

It involves the measurement of the carbon footprint for a specific subject, the offsetting of 100% of these emissions by investing in projects that reduce or capture an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and the planning and implementation of reduction SMART targets for future emissions.

“Net zero” refers to a state where the company has reduced all the abateable emissions by implementing all technically and economically feasible actions and residual amount of greenhouse gases emitted are balanced by the amount removed or offset.

It’s achieved after a certain amount of years implementing a various type of actions.

A Net Zero strategy refers to a plan based on short and long term SMART targets. Climate Standard can verify that those targets are aligned with the Paris Agreement.

A “carbon footprint” is a measure of the total amount of greenhouse gases, emitted directly or indirectly by an organization, product, event or activity. It quantifies the impact human activities have on the environment in terms of their contribution to global warming and climate change.

This measurement usually includes emissions from various sources like transportation, energy use, manufacturing processes, food production, and waste generation.

The methodologies used to measure emissions are GHG Protocol or the ISO standards. While we accept both of them, we use ISO 14064-1, ISO 14064-2 and ISO 14067 to verify the results.

As all the independent verification bodies should do, Climate Standard does not perform emission calculation services, reporting, carbon credit sales or other types of consulting that could create conflicts during certification.

The semi-automated climate data validation process does not allow any data falsification or discrimination among applicants.

You have two options:

1) if you do not yet have the requirements, we can help you figure out how to get them and, if needed, point you to the best consultants in your area to support you in carrying out the application,

2) if you already have all the requirements, you can contact us or use the private area to proceed with the submission of the documentation yourself in complete autonomy by following the steps indicated just inside the private area.