Catania, Italy

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Climate Neutral Brand
Verification date

December 2023

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Subject type

Climate Neutral Brand

Verification date

December 2023


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Boniviri is the sustainable, healthy and high-quality food pantry. It is based in Sicily and consists of a network of excellent Italian growers who are signatories of the Eat Well, Doing Good manifesto.

Its goal is to create value for consumers and growers through healthy, high-quality, and sustainable food, such as extra virgin olive oil, almonds, spices, herbal teas, honey, capers and more. Boniviri is a benefit company and a BCorp.

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‘Since the first year of foundation, we have calculated our greenhouse gas emissions following the GHG Protocol methodology, increasing the level of detail of data collection year by year and publishing the results in the Impact Report.’

Corrado Paternò

Annual carbon emissions

GHG Scope 1

0,00 tCO2e

GHG Scope 2

1,33 tCO2e

GHG Scope 3

38,35 tCO2e

Total emissions

39,68 tCO2e

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Scope 1 emissions include direct emissions from sources owned or controlled by the company. This could include on-site energy and fuel used in company-owned machines or vehicles.
Scope 2 emissions include indirect emissions from purchased energy, such as electricity, steam, heat or cooling.
Scope 3 emissions include upstream and downstream emissions in the value chain, such as emissions from suppliers and customers.

carbon offset strategy

Total offset emissions

40 tCO2e

Total Expenditures in Carbon Credits


Total emissions

39,68 tonnes CO2e 

Climate project:

Forest preservation – 40 tonnes CO2e

Project founded – info

Pacajai REDD+

This project involves on-site patrolling, strategic physical occupation of the land, improving forest management practices and encouraging the sustainable use of forest products. The project also focuses on the local communities aiming to give them more control of the area.

The project covers a vast area in Portel, around 150,000 hectares of land.
In Brazil, about 60% of the CO2 that gets released comes from cutting trees and changing how the land is used.
If Brazil protects its forests, it can save many endangered species and significantly lower its future carbon footprint.

Each carbon credit represents 1 metric ton of CO2e removed from the planet.
Simply put, carbon credits allow you to invest money in climate change solutions. 

Reduction strategy


Green Couriers

Boniviri commits to favour couriers with carbon-friendly shipping options with at least 50% of shipments under 10kg by 2025.

Emissions expected to be saved:
0,07 tonnes of CO2e

Emission category:

Downstream transportation and distribution
7,67% reduction of the category
By when the target is expected to be reached:

Dec 2025


Labels with reduced carbon footprint

Boniviri commits to purchase 80% of its table oil labels with a 20% reduced carbon footprint, by 2025.

Emissions expected to be saved:
0,054 tonnes of CO2e

Emission category:

Purchased goods and services

0,25% reduction of the category

By when the target is expected to be reached:
Dec 2025

(or commitments) are specific, measurable, assignable, realistic goals with a date by which they must be implemented.
Pledges must target corporate emissions categories (scope 1, scope 2, and scope 3) as described in the certification guidelines.

People responsible for Climate Neutrality​

Corrado Paternò

CEO & co-founder

Alessandra Tranchina

Co-founder & Art director

Sergio Sallicano

Product Manager

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