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Castelfranco Veneto, Treviso, Italy

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Climate Neutral Brand
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Climate Neutral Brand

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xx 2024


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Growth Labb is the first Growth Hacking Amazon Agency in Italy, composed of a team of multidisciplinary professionals, fully remote and worldwide.

They support product companies nationwide in their innovation process, focused on sales from the Amazon platform.

From account opening to strategic optimisation of product sheets to advertising strategies to boost performance, to foreign expansion to cross-services, they relieve the burden of management or support the growth of awareness, to enable customers to reach their goals.

They differentiate themselves by being completely data-driven, constantly relying on the agnostic and scientific method and strategically on growth hacking; this allows for reliable estimates, secure performance on traffic and sales scaling, and generate value even before receiving it.

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Annual carbon emissions

GHG Scope 1

22,55 tCO2e

GHG Scope 2

0,00 tCO2e

GHG Scope 3

24,56 tCO2e

Total emissions

17 tCO2e

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Scope 1 emissions include direct emissions from sources owned or controlled by the company. This could include on-site energy and fuel used in company-owned machines or vehicles.
Scope 2 emissions include indirect emissions from purchased energy, such as electricity, steam, heat or cooling.
Scope 3 emissions include upstream and downstream emissions in the value chain, such as emissions from suppliers and customers.

carbon offset strategy

Total offset emissions

17 tCO2e

Total Expenditures in Carbon Credits


Total emissions

48 tonnes CO2e 

The company committed to offset the remaining 27 tonnes CO2e by the end of 2023. 

Climate projects mix:

Forest preservation – 15 tonnes CO2e

Water purifier – 6 tonnes CO2e

Projects founded – info

Unitor REDD+

This project is watching over animals, plants, and how healthy the forest is. They’re also measuring how much carbon the trees store and develops income alternatives for the mining communities.

This project protects forests located in one of the regions with the highest deforestation rate in the Amazon Biome: the municipality of Lábrea, in Amazonas. Before this project the area was losing many trees – around 0.81% each year. This is like losing 194 soccer fields of trees yearly. Cattle-raising was the main reason.

Discover more here.

Mekong Project water purifier

The Mekong Project provides portable water purifiers to rural communities along the Mekong River Delta, improving the environment and health. By eliminating the need to burn wood to boil water, pollution and deforestation are greatly reduced.

In rural Vietnam, 71% of families boil water using inefficient stoves, which is expensive and harmful to health. By removing the need for firewood and boiling, the project reduces pollution, indoor air issues, and deforestation, benefiting people’s health and easing the burden of firewood collection.

Discover more here.

Each carbon credit represents 1 metric ton of CO2e removed from the planet.
Simply put, carbon credits allow you to invest money in climate change solutions. 

Reduction strategy

Reduction pledges will be loaded soon. 
Come back to discover the Ambrosia team’s reduction promises!


Returnable glass implementation

Through their returnable glass activity, as a production plant, they are able to reduce their emissions by not having to buy new glass for their products.
This will allow them to avoid the costs and emissions associated with the production, decoration and transport of glass, thus supporting a circular economy project.

Emissions expected to be saved:

1,01 tonnes of CO2e

Emission category:

 Purchased goods and services

4,8% reduction of the category

By when the target is expected to be reached:

12 months 


E-VAN deliveries

The company will insert 1 electric company vehicle to enable them to develop their zero-impact deliveries.

Emissions expected to be saved:

2,6 tonnes of CO2e per year 

Emission category:

Transportation of materials, products, waste, and employees

11,53% reduction of the category

By when the target is expected to be reached:

24 months 


Title of the Pledge

Description 150 words

Emissions expected to be saved:

X tonnes of CO2e

Emission category:

Row material purchased

X% reduction of the category

By when the target is expected to be reached:

May 2024

(or commitments) are specific, measurable, assignable, realistic goals with a date by which they must be implemented.
Pledges must target corporate emissions categories (scope 1, scope 2, and scope 3) as described in the certification guidelines.

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