Influence brands to go green

Buying Climate Neutral verified products creates demand for transparency 

Asking companies to think about climate creates demand for accountability

By raising your voice you can change others

We need Climate Neutral brands

We cannot keep allowing long-term promises to be made, greenwashing to take place and offsetting to be planned with no regard for future emission reductions.

“It’s super demanding”, “It’s so complex”, “I don’t understand anything about certifications, especially climatic ones”

Doesn’t matter if you are not an expert, we take care of the work, but you must buy Climate Neutral!

We must act together

Companies can go climate-neutral, but buyers have a huge responsibility.

You can be the reason companies change the way they invest in climate!

Help us in our mission

The way you buy has a big impact, our labels identify the better ones!

Companies are more inclined to listen to their consumers. Tell them to be verified!

Share the importance of buying certified products. Use our hashtag #climatestandard on your social media!

Join the Climate movement

Have you ever tried to shop with climate in mind?

That’s complex for many reasons, but together we can make it simple and effective, for a positive and scalable impact.

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