TEDx Mirandola

Mirandola, Modena, Italy

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Climate Neutral Event
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Climate Neutral Event

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TEDxMirandola, a nonprofit organization, was created to celebrate and enhance the excellence, ideas and stories of the area.

Immersed in Europe’s most important Biomedical Valley but also in a broader innovation ecosystem, with world leaders in automotive, food, artificial intelligence and quality of life.

The goal is to create a network among the area’s leading players, talents and excellences.

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“TEDxMirandola has always been committed to spreading sustainability ideas and practices, such as our fundamental commitment to keeping our event climate neutral with certification.”

Lead organizer TEDxMirandola
Matteo Stefanini

Annual carbon emissions

GHG Scope 1

0,0 kgCO2e

GHG Scope 2

284,6 kgCO2e

GHG Scope 3

3232,8 kgCO2e

Total emissions

3517,4 kgCO2e

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carbon offset strategy

Total offset emissions

4 tonnes

Total emissions

3,5 tonnes CO2e

Total emissions

3,5 tonnes CO2e

Climate projects mix:

Blue carbon – 2 tonnes CO2e
Fight deforestation – 2 tonnes CO2e

Projects founded – info

Blue carbon Venice by Sea the Change

The project takes care of the aquatic environment by carrying out regular maintenance work, which increases the number of different species and helps to absorb more CO2 from the atmosphere.

This project in the Venice lagoon uses the natural capture of CO2e through two types of algae: macroalgae, visible to the naked eye, and phytoplankton. These underwater organisms absorb CO2 through photosynthesis. 

Discover more here.

Evergreen REDD+

The project’s landowner is stopping deforestation and implementing policies that benefit the climate, community and biodiversity.

This project preserves 130,554 hectares of forest in Apuí, a Brazilian municipality in the state of Amazonas.
As the area with the tenth highest deforestation rate in Brazil, it is considered a priority area for forest conservation worldwide.

Discover more here.

Point of contact

Matteo Stefanini

Lead organizer