TEDx Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi, Lucca, Italy

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Climate Neutral Event
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Climate Neutral Event

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The first edition of TEDx Forte dei Marmi took place in the extraordinary unprecedented theatre of the Augustus Beach Club.

The event allowed the dissemination and exchange of valuable ideas.

Nine internationally renowned speakers discussed content of great scientific and cultural value, in a virtuous mix of multidisciplinary topics, from fashion to nautical tourism and artificial intelligence, with the design of a more sustainable future at the center.

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“TEDx Forte dei Marmi takes place in a timeless land, promoter of beauty and sustainable lifestyles. That is why sustainability is in our DNA, and we believe that a certification of climate neutrality should be the standard.”

Lead organizer TEDxForte dei Marmi
Matteo Stefanini

Annual carbon emissions

GHG Scope 1

0,0 kgCO2e

GHG Scope 2

179,8 kgCO2e

GHG Scope 3

3168,4 kgCO2

Total emissions

3430,2 kgCO2e

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carbon offset strategy

Total offset emissions

4 tonnes

Total emissions

3,4 tonnes CO2e

Total emissions

3,5 tonnes CO2e

Climate projects mix:

Blue carbon – 2 tonnes CO2e

Forest preservation – 1 tonnes CO2e

Water purifier – 1 tonnes CO2e

Projects founded – info

Blue carbon Venice by Sea the Change

The project takes care of the aquatic environment by carrying out regular maintenance work, which increases the number of different species and helps to absorb more CO2 from the atmosphere.

This project in the Venice lagoon uses the natural capture of CO2e through two types of algae: macroalgae, visible to the naked eye, and phytoplankton. These underwater organisms absorb CO2 through photosynthesis. 

Discover more here.

Unitor REDD+

This project is watching over animals, plants, and how healthy the forest is. They’re also measuring how much carbon the trees store and develops income alternatives for the mining communities.

This project protects forests located in one of the regions with the highest deforestation rate in the Amazon Biome: the municipality of Lábrea, in Amazonas. Before this project the area was losing many trees – around 0.81% each year. This is like losing 194 soccer fields of trees yearly. Cattle-raising was the main reason.

Discover more here.

Mekong Project water purifier

The Mekong Project provides portable water purifiers to rural communities along the Mekong River Delta, improving the environment and health. By eliminating the need to burn wood to boil water, pollution and deforestation are greatly reduced.

In rural Vietnam, 71% of families boil water using inefficient stoves, which is expensive and harmful to health. By removing the need for firewood and boiling, the project reduces pollution, indoor air issues, and deforestation, benefiting people’s health and easing the burden of firewood collection.

Discover more here.

Point of contact

Matteo Stefanini

Lead organizer