Var Group

Empoli, Firenze, Italy

Subject type
Climate Neutral Event
Verification date
January 2024

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Subject type

Climate Neutral Event


26/10/2023 – 27/10/2023


Palacongressi di Rimini

Verification date

January 2024

Company industry

Information Technology


IT services and consultancy

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Var Group is a leader in the sector of digital services and solutions that, with a turnover of 702.6 million Euros as of 30 April 2023 and thanks to the professionalism of over 3700 people, accompanies companies on their path of digital evolution.

In line with the commitment that Var Group and the entire Sesa Group have undertaken with a view to sustainability, it has decided to make its Convention a carbon-neutral event.
The event “Shape the present. Build the future ”, held in October 2023 at the Palacongressi di Rimini, was attended by 1,700 people from all over Italy and abroad. The Var Group Convention is designed for all companies that want to shape their present to build a solid, sustainable and positive future for themselves and the communities in which they operate.

The event included Talks, in-depth sessions, Experience Valley and direct confrontation with the major international brands that have made digital evolution the core of their business: all this in “two days” that combined reflections on the present and future of companies, thanks to the live experimentation of new technologies and the futuristic contaminations brought into play by the Hackathon. Var Group took all participants through an immersive experience, coming into contact with the colours and shapes of technological innovation, together with national and international speakers, digital artists and revolutionary minds. Var Group has adopted a sustainable approach by actively promoting the principles it shares with companies.

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‘The Var Group Convention is an appointment that allows us to take stock of the most pressing issues in the digital evolution. At a time when companies are pervasively impacted by the spread of technology, it is essential that in parallel they are also ready to adopt new organisational models as well as continue to have a positive impact on the world around them. The Convention was also an opportunity for us to confirm our deep commitment to sustainability with a strong focus on social and environmental impact, making it a carbon-neutral event.’

Francesca Moriani

Annual carbon emissions

Materials and production

92,762 tCO2e

Energy consumed for the event

3,022 tCO2e

Transports for materials

0,919 tCO2e

Participants commuting

30,397 tCO2e

Nights spent in Hotels

31,995 tCO2e

Waste production and disposal

25,616 tCO2e

Food & beverage during the event

10,134 tCO

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carbon offset strategy

Total offset emissions

195 tCO2e

Total Expenditures in Carbon Credits


Total emissions

195 tonnes CO2e 

Climate projects mix:

Energy efficiency – 195 tonnes CO2e

Project founded – info

Water is Life

This project aims to improve access to safe drinking water in disadvantaged areas of Tulear city. It involves constructing and securing 50 wells. Each water tower has a 100cm artificial well, solar pump, purification system, water tank, and more.

The project impacts around 80,000 people, providing them with clean water, sanitation infrastructure, and community capacity building. It aims to reduce diseases from poor water quality and lower CO2 emissions compared to boiling water with coal.

Discover more here.

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Discover more here.

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May 2024

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People responsible for Climate Neutrality​

Sara Lazzeretti

Communication & PR Manager of Var Group

Simona Pelli

Marketing Manager of Var Group

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