Why a Climate Standard?

For many reasons, mostly to avoid greenwashing

Avoid greenwashing

Some brands say they act and do so through self-declarations, but who guarantees their truthfulness?

60% of consumers today do not believe in corporate green self-declarations

Establishing climate justice

Some brands engage the same consulting firm to both measure and offset emissions and certify the process. Again, who guarantees their truthfulness?

It's a people's need

Clients and employees expect brands to go neutral.

67% of European consumers would be happy to buy Certified Climate Neutral products

We need to go neutral now.

We are all concerned about climate change and, for the past few years, we have been seeing it almost daily, and this can only get worse.

We cannot continue to allow long-term promises to be made, greenwashing to take place or think about offsetting without planning for future emission reductions.

That's why we are here

If we use a certification-based approach we can give transparency to Climate Neutrality and stop greenwashing

We provide a standard such as Organic, ISO, FSC or Fairtrade, but exclusive to Climate Neutrality.

We still have time to

freeze the

Carbon Clock!

are you a brand?

We believe in a market that doesn’t damage the climate, do you?

Start showing your commitment now