Why should you get certified?

Clients and employees expect brands to go neutral

You will be able to improve your reputation with customers and employees, raise your ESG standards, and get ahead of environmental transparency regulations.

If we use a certification-based approach we can give transparency to Climate Neutrality and stop greenwashing.

Our standards are such as Organic, ISO, FSC or Fairtrade, but exclusive to Climate Neutrality. 

We need to go neutral now.

We are all concerned about climate change and, for the past few years, we have been seeing it almost daily, and this can only get worse.

We cannot continue to allow long-term promises to be made, greenwashing to take place or think about offsetting without planning for future emission reductions.


Created to boost trust

First independent certification free of conflicts of interest and based on transparency. Don’t be afraid of greenwashing lawsuits or false advertising anymore.

Designed to attract and educate

The labels are easy to see and understand, but also trustable standards that improve your reputation in front of customers.

Designed for you

Our certification process is intuitive, simple and light. The hardest part is taking action, and we don’t want to get in the way.

Built to speed up the transition

Our goal is to accelerate the climate transition by creating the most widespread and reliable climate neutrality standards in the world.

are you a brand?

We believe in a market that doesn’t damage the climate, do you?

Start showing your commitment now