Certify your Climate Neutrality

Why get the certification

A subject certified is a Climate Standard-verified company, product, or event that meets climate neutrality requirements.

It is basically a nice label, but it is synonymous with safety, fairness and reliability.

What is Climate Neutrality

In a nutshell, it is a 1-year status of a subject that has calculated the emissions produced in the previous year (carbon footprint), offset them by supporting climate projects (offset with carbon credits), and started to implement strategies to reduce emissions from now on (reduction pledges).

We need neutrality because

reduce is

offset is

do both is our
best option

Benefits of certification

Avoid greenwashing

60% of consumers today do not believe in corporate green self-declarations.

Build reliability

Some brands engage the same consulting firm to both measure, offset emissions and certify the process. Again, who guarantees their truthfulness?

Reach customers

67% of European consumers would be happy to buy Certified Climate Neutral products, participate in Climate Neutral events and be testimonials of Climate Neutral companies.

Lead a movement

We cannot continue to allow empty promises, greenwashing or low-quality offsetting. When your company certifies as Climate Neutral, you join a community of business leaders who share the same positive objective.

Improve impact

Reaching and maintaining the certification can help your company in measuring, planning and implementing several social, economic end environmental improvements.

Attract talents

For 50% of the workforce, the companies’ positive impacts are key factors in their choice while, for 80%, these impacts have some kind of connection to employee treatment and social balances.

Meet our first testimonials

Saverio Bertagni

COO at Ambrosia

Through the Brand Climate Neutral certification obtained with Climate Standard, we are able to provide solidity, credibility and transparency to our Stakeholders.
It was the external validation we needed to demonstrate the impact mission we have been committed to from day one.

Matteo Stefanini

Lead organizer at TEDxForteDeiMarmi

Certifying the commitment to important causes such as sustainability is a necessity and a fun act. Understanding how much we can contribute to the world with our small gesture, along with the Climate Standard guarantee, makes everything more credible and opens up significant new opportunities.

Don't hide behind phrases like "It's too demanding"

We need to go neutral now.